I love my husband because… (no1)

24 Apr

He dances like a loon, but only in front of me

So today’s been pretty tough… I’m on the verge of some really nasty throat infection (possibly of the tonsillitis variety) and feeling like utter cack and I some how still had to muster up the strength to write 7,000 words of essays before this Friday. Double bum!

But I’ve discovered that the husband has the ability to make my rubbish day disappear.

During an ad break he comes into the bathroom and starts bobbing around to an advert that we both really link (the edf energy one with the dancing blob… YouTube it… It’s awesome!) it makes me laugh and for a solid minute forget that I’m even ill.

It reminds me of all the other times where we just burst into spontaneous dance; crazy, loony dancing… Like no-ones watching. It’s brilliant!

What a great man I have!



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