wish list 001

30 Apr

clockwise from top left- baby pink pantone mug, caudalie beauty elixir, cross-stitch iPhone case, beautiful garden furniture, essie nail polish in ladylike, ‘barella’ leather birkin style handbag

Oooohhh a slight pink-y tinge to the first ever wish list- which is bizarre because I’m not sure I really like pink as a colour!

Anyway… here’s what I’m loving and wanting right now:

We already have 9 of these Pantone mugs in a variety of colours hanging out in our kitchen at present but what’s the harm in having one more? And our little collection hasn’t got any pink shades in it at the moment. I usually get my Pantone mugs from either John Lewis or Amazon. This pink one is available here for £9.50.

Read a post on Caudalie Bauty Elixer on gh0stparties, one of my favourite beauty blogs, and was instantly intrigued. It sounds like a brilliant toner, something that I’m missing from my newly founded skincare routine (I was a face-wipe-before-bed-only girl until last week). Hoping this will be my first purchase from feelunique and I will report back once I have indulged!

Oh.My.Days. This is a must-have for me! I’ve already started coming up with designs and patterns. I might have to buy a few so I can change them round every so often! What an amazing way to customise your iPhone and satisfy your crafting bug at the same time. I’ve seen some cheapy ones on eBay but may save up to buy the NeoStitch version from firebox for £15.99, just to assure the best quality.

This is actually a bit of an unrealistic wish as we kind of need a garden before I could justify a purchase of this sort. But how adorable is this garden bistro set?! Imagine on a summers morning, sun gently rising, birds singing, sitting outside in the cool breeze drinking orange juice and tea and eating croissants and fresh fruit on this beautiful table. Oh dreams! This set is from a website I recently discovered called notonthehighstreet, it’s great for quirky presents and something a little bit different. There’s all sorts of amazing stuff on there!!

This colour of essie nail polish is so yummy! It’s weirdly neutral yet stands out at the same time. Been trying to find somewhere to buy it online but everywhere seems to be sold out at the moment. If anyone sees it let me know; I’d be on it like sonic.

Another notonthehighstreet find, I’ve been in need of a new shoulder bag for ages. I want one that will go with lots of outfits and last me a long time. I’m fed up of bags breaking on me! At £342.99 this is just a weeny bit out of my price range (sorry… astronomically out of my price range!) so this is more of a dream than anything but wanted to mention it as a totally beautiful bag!

Anything on this list take your fancy?



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