trying to be stylish…

9 May

Outfit 1: Cream Scarf- H&M, Bunny Jumper- Forever 21, Skinny Jeans- Primark
Outfit 2: Denim Jacket- Primark, Stripe Dress- H&M, Bag- H&M, Shoes- New Look
Outfit 3: Grey Top- H&M, Flower Tunic- Topshop, Shoes- New Look
Outfit 4: Coral Cardigan- Primark, Colourblock Dress- Dorothy Perkins

Here are some of my recent attempts to be slightly fashionable. I’ve never been that good at it, one of my friends and old housemates used to be a blogger on College Fashionista and no matter how hard I begged her to blog about me she never did. She loves me to bits and I love her too but I just didn’t make the cut!

But now I’ve made a resolution to try harder. My budget is limited so lots of lovely new clothes are a no-no… instead I’m working with what I’ve already got, throwing different pieces together, painting my nails in awesome colours and hoping for the best!

And you know what.. outfit 3 got the seal of approval from my fashion forward friend. I still have a long way to go though but I like a challenge!



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