latest in beauty may editors pick beauty box

6 Jun


a yummy box of goodies!

I’m quite new to this beauty box phenomenon but after reading review upon review of other boxes such as GlossyBox and Jolie Box I decided that Latest in Beauty was the company for me! I’ve done their ‘little beauty box’ scheme (where you pay £1.50 via text and receive three small samples that you have picked) for two months now and I love it. But it’s their boxes that blow me away! Last month I picked up the CEWuk beauty box (which had a full size nails inc polish in it!) and was thoroughly impressed. This months editors pick box is a lovely mixture of products and is just as pleasing! For £11.90 (that’s the price with p&p) it’s a bargain and it’s like a lovely little present to myself!

Here’s a peek inside May’s amazing box.


percy and reed dry conditioner, 50ml (£12 for 150ml)

My first time using dry conditioner, I’ve done the dry shampoo (to varying degrees of success!) but this is different, I spray onto the tips of my hair instead of the roots and it smells wonderful and leaves no silly white powder. I’m not sure how soft or conditioned it actually leaves my hair but it’s nice for refreshing in between washes.


moa the green balm (£11 for 50ml)

This cute little pot (and it is little!!) contains a small amount of balm which the instructions say to slather anywhere on your body… Not so helpful but it smells lovely and natural and I’ve had a smooth of it on my hand and it feels really nice. Not sure what I’ll use it for exactly but still a nice little product to have.


elemis pro-collagen body cream, 50ml (£49 for 200ml)

I feel a bit young still for body firming cream but it’s nice to have a little bit of luxury and a brand I have heard of before. On first impressions it smells nice and rubs in well. I’ll be using it on the back of my legs I think and see how it goes.


melvita moisturising rose nectar, 15ml (£24 for 40ml)

Melvita is a brand I haven’t heard of but part of the reason I like beauty boxes is the fact that you get to try something new and something you normally wouldn’t buy. I haven’t actually had a chance to use this moisturiser yet but I’m looking forward to it!


yardley peony eau de toilette, 1ml (£9.99 for 50ml)

I love getting perfume samples like this. Being able to try different scents really appeals to me. This Yardley eau de toilette is delicate and flowery and thankfully not too overpowering. I can imagine on a fresh summers day it will smell great wafting around on a floral dress!


melvita fresh micellar water, 35ml (£14.50 for 200ml)

I used this after washing my face this morning sort of as a toner before moisturising. It’s got quite a strong rose/floral scent but it absorbed into the skin quickly and the smell didn’t linger, it was actually quite refreshing. The sample size is really decent and I’ll use it all up before making my final verdict on it.


velvotan original tanning mitt (£3)

Probably the only thing in this box I won’t use. I’m just not big on self-tanning or tanning in general. The closest I’ve ever got is Dove/Johnsons gradual tan moisturisers and even their usage was short lived. I do however think it’s a great thing to include in a box like this as I’m sure many people will use it.


pixi succulent lip twin in no.3 pink peony, 12g and 2g (£12)

Yay! A full size make-up product! Retailing at £12 this alone makes the box worth it’s money. Pixi is a brand I’ve heard of but never used before. I loved the packaging and branding and the way that there is a lip/cheek tint in the lid and then a lip balm in the tube. I’ve had a play with it already and the tint is amazing, it glides on so easily. I’d say the balm part was more of a gloss and I had to give it a good shake as the colour had separated slightly but it looked lovely layered on the tint. The shade is called pink peony and I think it’s a bit bright for me to use everyday but I’ll be whipping this stuff out for special occasions for sure!


Overall I love Latest in Beauty, I think its the best beauty box service out there as you can see the contents of the box and then decide if you want to purchase it. May’s box contained things I will definitely use and seems well worth the money (£43.95 worth of stuff for £11.90!). Unfortunately this box sold out the day it was released. I was lucky to get in there quick enough, if you want to get you hands on one follow @LatestInBeauty on twitter for updates and info.

Have you subscribed to/bought any beauty boxes? What do you think of this months offering from Latest in Beauty?



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