I love my husband because… (no7)

24 Jun

He is just what the doctor ordered

I’ve been a bit poorly this weekend. We went up to Sunderland for a family wedding and although I was fine on the Saturday I had this nasty headache begin in the evening and last all the way ’til I went to sleep last night. Think nearly 30hrs of throbbing pain, nausea and the general feeling of wanting to chop my head off.

Thankfully though I had husband. He was perfect the whole time. He packed up the suitcases on Sunday morning and let me sleep in; he stroked my hair and kissed my forehead at appropriate intervals on the 5 hour journey home; when we got home he sat me on the sofa and bought blankets and pillows and put series 3 of gossip girl into the DVD player; he was at my side when my head was down the toilet; he ran me a bath and moved gossip girl onto the laptop and into the bathroom so I could carry on watching it and then he made me a cold ice compress and sent me to bed with it on my head.

He did the trick, I’m all better now and ready to face the day. Thank you husband for being so selfless, attentive and generally wonderful. You have no idea what it means to me.



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