five… things to do when it’s constantly raining

10 Jul

Thanks England. Thanks for raining pretty much non-stop at the moment. Thanks for the non-existent summer.  Thanks for pages and pages of weather forecasts that look like this:

What to do when all that awaits is day and days of rain? Here’s my list of the top 5 rainy day activities:

1.Bake- it is one thing you can’t actually do outdoors anyway! Rainy days are perfect for baking. They may involve a little venture outside to buy ingredients but once that’s done a warming oven and a home-baked treat are just what’s needed on a dreary day.  Stay tuned to the blog…  I’ve got a wonderful recipe for goats cheese and caramelised onion savoury scones coming up soon.

2. Cross-stitch- I’ll cross-stitch anytime, anywhere, any weather but rainy days are the most perfect cross-stitching opportunities. There’s a gorgeous new Emily Peacock welcome banner in this months issue of CrossStitcher magazine which may just be my next project. Bring on the rain!

3.Think about the lovely camping things I can buy for when it IS sunny and we can go camping- it’s husbands birthday tomorrow (yay!) and we know one of his presents from his parents is a lovely tent. Being newly married and on student budgets means most holidays are out of the question but camping is a cheap and fun alternative which we hope to make the most of.  I’ll be spending some rainy time dreaming up camping accesories to turn the camping into glamping. Already I’ve spotted a tent carpet (how glam can you get!) and this super amazing thermos mug.

4. Play endless amounts of Phase 10– it’s a brilliant card game that we could spend hours playing. We like to stick some music on, keep the brews coming and whittle away the rainy hours battling each other (and sometimes our lovely friends) to the 10th phase.

5. Be British and BRAVE IT!- us Brits.. we are tough. We are used to rain. We don’t let it stop anything (Jubilee River Pageant anyone?). Maybe the best way to spend a rainy day is to stick on your raincoat and get out there anyway! P.s. the photo on number 5… that was taken last week… it’s JULY and I’m still in my Feb/March outfits (sigh!)!



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