a home-made happy birthday

13 Jul

Happy Birthday Husband!! 24 this week! I love a good birthday! I wanted to go all out for this one, his first in our marriage, so I put together a moustache themed surprise (don’t ask me why I went for moustaches.. I have no idea, but it just seemed kinda cute, manly and on-trend!). We had to celebrate at midnight (due to a ridiculously early morning) so whilst husband was out during the evening I had fun crafting and baking.

I made the ‘Dave’ bunting using some brown paper card and printing off the letters and moustaches on white paper before sticking them with good ol’ pritt stick. I hole punched the flags and then threaded them on some string. I wrapped up all his presents in blue polka dot paper and stuck on the moustache tags I made (more on those later).

Husbands favourite cake is red velvet with cream cheese icing so I couldn’t let him have a birthday without some red velvet cupcakes! I used this Hummingbird Bakery recipe for the sponge and the icing/frosting and then used a spare un-iced cake and crumbled up the sponge to sprinkle on the top.   After seeing cake bunting popping up in various places (I am Magpie was one of the first) I decided to have a go at creating my own to help the cakes match into my moustache theme. Using the same brown card as the bunting I cut out little triangles and drew the letters and mini moustaches on them with a thick black pen. I then secured these to some string (using the pritt stick again!) before sticking the string to some wooden skewers (I used BBQ skewers and cut them down to a smaller size). I love the final result, it was so cheap and simple yet really fun!

The final part of husbands moustache birthday extravaganza came in the form of some cross-stitched creations. I created my own moustache cross-stitch chart  in two different sizes  (I may post these on here very soon so keep an eye out if you want them!) which I then stitched using black thread onto plastic canvas. I made a card (see this post) with the larger one and two gift tags with the smaller ones.

I had so much fun making all this stuff and can’t wait to do it again sometime!

Happy Birthday Husband. You deserve the best of the best and I hope you enjoyed your little birthday surprise.


(p.s. If anyone wants more details/a proper tutorial on how to make any of this stuff please let me know, I’d love to help!)


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