I love my husband because… (no8)

19 Jul

He lets me warm my chilly feet on him

What is this weather all about?! It’s the middle of July yet we had to put the fan heater on in the office where I work. English people are normally good with a bit of this kind of weather but I think everyone’s fed up now. We want some sunshine!

My feet especially need the weather to warm up. I get very cold feet, so cold I can’t even touch them and so cold that they even cool down the air around them sometimes. So it’s very nice when July is this chilly to have a husband like mine. When we snuggle on the sofa he automatically makes sure my feet are tucked between his so they stay toasty. And he never complains about how cold they are… Not once. He deserves a medal.

Maybe some sun could appear to give him a bit of a break sometime soon?



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