one sunny sunday…

22 Jul

As you begin to read this blog post I would encourage you to play this video in the background. Very appropriate I feel.

Yesterday, when the sun was shining (FINALLY!) and I was at home with my family for the weekend, I got to meet someone very, very special indeed.

Let me introduce you to Gracie…


I may be ever-so-slighty biased but isn’t she the most adorably cute, perfectly formed, gorgeously beautiful puppy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD??!!!

When she grows up (which will all happen too quickly I’m sure!) she will be a golden retriever and the first dog my parents have ever had. At the moment she lives with her mummy (Molly) in a beautiful house in the Wiltshire countryside but in a month or so she moves in with my mummy, daddy and little sister and becomes a fully fledged member of the Bridewell household.

my sister and I with Gracie’s brothers

I’m sad I won’t be living with her full-time but maybe that means I get the best bits… a family dog without all the chewing and pooping and hairy furniture.

husband + puppies = CUTE!

Husband and I had such fun playing with Gracie and her three brothers yesterday afternoon. Gracie is definitely the most inquisitive and active of the lot. Good on you girlie! She give my hand a good (and very tickley) chew and made me giggle multiple times.

just look at that face!

Expect to see her gorgeous face popping up from time to time on FamilyFordham. We can’t wait to get to know her and watch her grow.

Love you Gracie B!



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