a golden year all round

11 Aug

Dearest blog followers you must excuse my lack of posting over the last week or so, I have managed to get my PhotoBook’s (a round up of my instagramming exploits) up on time but have had to abandon everything else. Illness, busyness and travelling here there and everywhere has been the cause but now I’m back safely staying in London for a few weeks and can resume my normal blogging amount.

So what have the Fordhams’ been up to? Well last weekend was a massive family occasion, my Grandparents Golden Wedding anniversary. That’s 50 years of marriage… what an inspiration! During the afternoon we spent celebrating lots of references were made towards the Olympics. Gold medals were handed out to any couple there who had made it to 50 years and metaphors we made between running a race and persevering at a marriage.

Husband and I have been married a little under a year and have a long way to go before hitting the 50 year milestone. We already know that marriage isn’t always easy. It’s about sacrifice, compromise, honesty, respect and above all selflessness. Putting someone else above yourself, considering them in every single action you make. That isn’t always easy but thankfully most of the time love makes it so. What I have discovered in the last year is that marriage is making me a better person. I’m learning to put others first, to show humility and above all put love into everything I do. That’s the thing about marriage it is a long race, less a sprint, more a hardcore iron man triathlon with many many obstacles thrown in but the crucial difference is you are not alone there’s two of you to battle through it… Together.

So how exactly did we celebrate this very worthy occasion? With lots of yummy food and lovely people of course! I was commissioned by my mummy to make 50 golden wedding related cupcakes. I went for chocolate with chocolate icing and a big golden heart on the top- kept it simple. We as a family packaged them in lovely cellophane bags with golden ribbon tied around to make them more like party favours and put one on every place setting.

We had a lovely three course meal at a pretty hotel in Salisbury. The staff went all out to make it special… I loved the decorated plates they did (you can see them in the picture above!) so sweet! The food was amazing. I had a chicken and bacon starter, followed by a proper beef roast with a lemon syllabub to finish. Delicious! We spent the afternoon eating, talking, reminiscing and topped it all off by watching the last few points that led Murray to gold in the Olympic men’s singles tennis (my Grampy is a MASSIVE tennis buff so to watch that with him was perfection!).

I love family occasions because I love my family. I am so blessed to have grown up within a 30 minute drive of pretty much every family member you can think of (aunties, cousins, great uncles… you name it!), it’s made us all incredibly close and makes me so excited for the future… I want any children I have to have them same. I am so grateful.
Happy Golden Wedding anniversary Gran and Gramps. You are beyond amazing and an inspiration to us all.


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