London 2012… we did it!

12 Aug

olympic inspired cupcakes… made one afternoon at a church event

I can’t believe it is nearly all over. After the closing ceremony and obligatory fireworks tonight seven years of build up, preparation, anxiety and excitement will be all done and finished with within two weeks. When it was announced in 2005 that London would be hosting the Olympic games in 2012 I was a 15 year old that couldn’t see beyond the next day. I never imagined I’d be living in the heart of it all. And yet I am a fully fledged London resident now and the Olympics have been in my life far more than I could have expected. I have loved every second. From unbelievable excitement and community spirit at seeing the torch relay; to that AMAZING opening ceremony, which I was crying and laughing with joy at the whole way through; to being glued to my seat watching the gymnastics; to driving on the games lanes (and still feeling a little bit naughty, even though they weren’t active!); to hosting screenings and games days at church, it has all been such a wonderful positive experience.

I don’t believe anyone who can say that these games were bad for our country. Yes maybe economically it wasn’t the best thing we could have done, and maybe we won’t get many more visitors because of it but I like to think more of the impact on us as a people. The sense of unity it has bought about has been amazing, the renewed pride in our country. We can do it, we can put on a show (both in sporting and entertainment) and do it well! The games have most definitely inspired a future generation of sports men and women. They have made me wish I was 7 years old again, so that I could pick up a sport and become amazing at it. Overall the games, I believe, have been a success. I am so proud to be British, I always have been, but now even more so than ever.

London 2012, you have shown the world Britain at it’s best. Loving, friendly, humble and great!

p.s. I hope you like the cupcakes!!! A church Olympic funday last week turned into a spontaneous afternoon of world flag cupcake decorating- and it was so much fun, you can create a lot of flags with 5 colours!!!



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