attempting the impossible…an 8 plaited loaf!

23 Aug

venturing further into the world of bread making

Oh Great British Bake Off… why you so addictive? Two episodes in and as with every other series my passion for baking has been re-ignited. I do try and bake fairly regularly but something about that TV program means I go into a flour-y overdrive!

This weeks ‘technical challenge’ was Paul Hollywood’s 8 plaited loaf. Our cupboards are fairly bare at current but after researching the recipe I discovered I had all the ingredients needed to make one. Last night was therefore bread-making time, from the minute I got in the door from work at 6:00pm til the loaf came out the oven at 9:30pm. The plaiting technique was beyond complicated and I did get a in a bit of a muddle (I think it took me about seven attempts!) but I was pretty pleased with the final result!

I did it!

We had some friends over so the loaf was gobbled up in no time! And they all seemed to enjoy it. I feel like bread-making is something I will do more of in the future. Maybe homemade bagels will be my next challenge!

If you feel like having a go yourself the recipe can be found here. I’d recommend it if your a little bit tense or stressed… kneading bread dough is incredibly therapeutic!



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