holi holi holiday

30 Aug

Oh hi there! Sorry once again for the lack of postings over the last week. My excuse is once again camping related, I have been away with my family for the bank holiday weekend and can’t wait to tell you all about it! Also a massive HELLOand welcome to the lovely new followers, I hope you find some good stuff within this blog and feel able to comment and enjoy it.

camping montage… chilli. deflated air bed. morning snuggles with the puppy. pimped out land-rover. underage drinking. devon’s crazy roads.

Camping this bank holiday weekend with pretty much every single member of the Bridewell family was just what I needed before starting my new job full-time next Monday. One last hurrah of the summer holidays. It wasn’t without its mishaps (we seemed to be cursed around airbeds.. that’s two deflated on us within 3 weeks!) and taking 10-week old Gracie provided much laughter along with the occasional accident (thanks for peeing on Dave’s side of the bed and not mine Gracie!). We stayed at a campsite (Langston Manor) on Dartmoor in Devon where we used to go a lot when I was a child and I think there were about 17 people in our party- made for lots of excitement and funny memories.

national trust cotehele house and mill

Most of the weekend was taking up visiting national trust places. Husband and I are members (thanks to a gift membership from the in-laws) and love the fact that we can visit all these lovely historic places with amazing gardens for free. The first place we visited on a slightly soggy day was Cotehele house and mill. We enjoyed the art gallery and the beautiful garden and I enjoyed posing for photos with my gorgeous cousins!

another camping montage… my parents slept in tent on a roof. gracie being a good girl. camping fry ups are THE BEST. enjoying desserts in the campsite pub. gracie enjoying husbands pants- whatever floats your boat missy!

In between national trust visits we enjoyed the camping life. I actually really love camping food cooked on a little camping stove- I find it tastes much yummier than normal food, then again I’m normally wet, cold and very hungry by the time I eat it! The campsite has a lovely pub and games room which we enjoyed hanging out in and Gracie was making friends with everyone she met to the point that when she weed on the pub floor no one got angry at all!!

national trust buckland abbey

Our second national trust visit was to a place called Buckland Abbey. It used to be a monastery before King Henry VIII dissolved it during his reign. It was later bought by Sir Francis Drake (check out my learning skills!). I’ll remember it for the dressing up as Tudors and prancing around like loonies… it was a good morning well spent!

walking to an ancient wood with the puppy… in a bag!

After visiting Buckland Abbey the weather took a turn for the worse but that didn’t spoil our plans to visit an ancient wood on Dartmoor. Wistman’s Wood is special because it is so old yet the oak trees are not much taller than a man because the wind has prevented them from growing properly. They are covered in moss and lichen and that makes it a naturally beautiful place to visit. We had to walk about 2 miles from the car park over the moor which was going to prove difficult for little Gracie so my daddy put her in a rucksack and carried her the whole way! She was such a good girl and looked very content the whole time.

I always find camping really enjoyable (even if I end up with sleep deprivation at the end- thanks mr owl who kept me up with his twit twooing!) and with a massive group of family and friends it really makes for a great holiday! We’ve decided that August bank holiday weekend will become our annual camp out. Here’s to next year and what it will bring!



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