the fordhams at the paralympics

9 Sep

our tickets, a happy husband and an amazing evening

Thank you in-laws. Thank you so much for giving us your Paralympic wheelchair basketball semi-final tickets. We are so grateful! After watching the Olympics take over our city I began to feel quite jealous towards anyone lucky enough to go to any event. Then along came the in-laws with tickets for us and we know longer had to watch from the sofa but got to be a part of it… and watch team GB do their amazing stuff.

The whole experience on Thursday at the North Greenwich Arena was wonderful. I’d heard that the Gamesmakers (volunteers) were exemplary but never did I imagine that they would make me feel so welcome and walk away with a huge smile on my face. The atmosphere was incredible. We got to see 2 games (both semi-finals) the first between USA and Australia and the second between GB and Canada. I’ve never seen basketball live before (let alone wheelchair basketball) and I must admit I’m not the biggest sports fan but I totally enjoyed myself, they showed these little videos to explain how the game worked and filled the spare time with ‘kiss cam’ and other wonderfully fun and silly little things.

Singing the national anthem with the other thousands of people in the arena made my evening but the highlight had to be watching these incredible athletes do their stuff. Their courage, humility and perseverance is beyond amazing. Thank you for giving us a night that I will always remember!



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