Oh the places you’ll go….

6 Sep

It’s been 3 years since my last blog post on this site. Talk about a blogging break!

What’s changed in the world of familyfordham?! Let’s see if I can keep this brief…:

  • I decided to take the leap and started a PGCE in Primary Education at Winchester University
  • In that year hubby got a new job working for a church and that enabled us to move from our attic flat in London to a 2-bed terrace in Salisbury
  • I started my NQT year as a Year 3 teacher
  • We got a cat- Maisy- the most spoilt cat in existence (not by me… Who knew hubby was such a cat person!)
  • We found out in February this year that we were going to have a baby!!!! (Due October and cooking rather nicely!)
  • I finished my NQT year
  • Now we are waiting for baby Fordham to make his/her entrance and marvelling generally at how much can change in 3 years!

And what’s stayed the same:

  • Hubby still plays and teaches guitar and has a booming private tuition business which I am super proud of
  • I am still baking, cross-stitching and generally enjoying the simpler things in life… instagramming the whole thing as per usual
  • We love each other just like we did back then only with nearly 4 years of marriage and adventure behind us and even more adventure to come!

I’m hoping this blog will continue to be a place to preserve the memories of our (ever-growing!) familyfordham and I hope you enjoy reading about our little corner of the world again.


maisy/getting ready for baby fordham/bump


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