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I love my husband because… (no9)

24 Sep

He lets me take silly little photos all the time even though I know he’s not the biggest fan!

I am a bit of a freak when it comes to instagram-ing my life. 644 photos so far and counting! Dave is honest with me quite a lot about it, sometimes I get my phone confiscated (hehe!), sometimes he has a little moan but what I love about him is that most of the time he lets me get on with it. He’ll even pose in photos for me if he’s in a good mood. Thank you husband for being
so understanding… long may the photographic memories be stored!


there really is a Fordham Park in Deptford!

p.s. if you really want to see all 644 photos my instagram account is emilyfordham – I like to keep things straightforward!

p.p.s. if you do visit expect mainly photos of baking and cross-stitching. Just preparing you.




I love my husband because… (no8)

19 Jul

He lets me warm my chilly feet on him

What is this weather all about?! It’s the middle of July yet we had to put the fan heater on in the office where I work. English people are normally good with a bit of this kind of weather but I think everyone’s fed up now. We want some sunshine!

My feet especially need the weather to warm up. I get very cold feet, so cold I can’t even touch them and so cold that they even cool down the air around them sometimes. So it’s very nice when July is this chilly to have a husband like mine. When we snuggle on the sofa he automatically makes sure my feet are tucked between his so they stay toasty. And he never complains about how cold they are… Not once. He deserves a medal.

Maybe some sun could appear to give him a bit of a break sometime soon?


I love my husband because… (no7)

24 Jun

He is just what the doctor ordered

I’ve been a bit poorly this weekend. We went up to Sunderland for a family wedding and although I was fine on the Saturday I had this nasty headache begin in the evening and last all the way ’til I went to sleep last night. Think nearly 30hrs of throbbing pain, nausea and the general feeling of wanting to chop my head off.

Thankfully though I had husband. He was perfect the whole time. He packed up the suitcases on Sunday morning and let me sleep in; he stroked my hair and kissed my forehead at appropriate intervals on the 5 hour journey home; when we got home he sat me on the sofa and bought blankets and pillows and put series 3 of gossip girl into the DVD player; he was at my side when my head was down the toilet; he ran me a bath and moved gossip girl onto the laptop and into the bathroom so I could carry on watching it and then he made me a cold ice compress and sent me to bed with it on my head.

He did the trick, I’m all better now and ready to face the day. Thank you husband for being so selfless, attentive and generally wonderful. You have no idea what it means to me.


I love my husband because… (no6)

11 Jun

He tells me I’m wonderful when I clearly am not

Our conversation the other day went a little something like this:

“You are so wonderful”

“No I’m not… I don’t ever clean, I forget to take the clothes out of the washing machine so they go all smelly, I leave stuff everywhere, I’ve picked up the hoover 3 times since we got married, I refuse to do the washing up if I’ve got nail polish on, I throw my wet towels on the bed and forget to hang them up and I’ve taken over your drawers in the bathroom with all my crap…”

“You’re still wonderful”



I love my husband because… (no5)

4 Jun

He embraces my crazy

I am so loving the jubilee weekend. Bunting and tea and the Queen. I’m all over that.
When I told husband I needed £7 out of the joint account to buy union jack nails he didn’t protest.
When I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon watching every single moment of the Thames river pageant on tv and gushed over k-middy’s gorgeous red ensemble he didn’t question it.
When I decorated the whole living room in red, white and blue and made everyone wear union jack hats and blow union jack blowers and cried singing God save the Queen he didn’t run away.

That’s why I love him. I’m pretty out there sometimes but nothing fazes him. He stands by me and let’s my wear my fake union jack nails and cry my eyes out at the national anthem.

I think that’s pretty lovely


I love my husband because… (no4)

29 May

He is full of little surprises


I blog for me, so I have somewhere to keep my thoughts, memories, wishes etc… So whenever I get views, likes and comments it’s a lovely surprise because I realise that other people enjoy what I do too. It was also a surprise when I got home from work yesterday to find a present waiting for me. Upon opening it I found this little fella above… you may recognise him from this wish list. My lovely husband had also been reading my blog and bought me this. No prompting, no asking. Just a lovely little lego surprise. Thank you husband!


I love my husband because… (no3)

4 May

He knows exactly when I fancy a Chinese take-away!

I’m on the bus home from work and just finished a phone call with the husband.

He rang me simply to say: “I was thinking we should have a Chinese tonight, in celebration of everything”

And I was like YES PLEASE!!! We’ve had a really good week with him getting a job and me finishing my degree and also getting a contract for a job over summer. Life is truly worth celebrating!

So tonight we will walk down the road to ‘Very Nice’ (which it is!) and pick up our favourites and just enjoy life being awesome.


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