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Best Baby Buys- the first few weeks

27 Nov

baby buys

Well it’s been 6 and a bit weeks since Freddie joined the Fordham family and I am loving every moment! The first few weeks were tough but I really feel that we have gotten to know each other now.. I understand his cries better and he is much more content in general. He is developing a lovely little personality and his beautiful smiles that he is beginning to show make every sleepless night worth it.

There are a number of products that I have used over the past few weeks that I believe have made life with Freddie even easier and I wanted to share these with you. I have lots of expecting friends at the moment and these are all the things I have raved about to them!

  1. Cheeky Wipes- my top baby buy. I literally can’t imagine nappy changes without them. This reusable wipes kit is super easy to use (as you can chuck them in with any 40 degree wash), smells amazing (lavender bum!) and great for the environment and my wallet! I’ve had these since before Freddie was born and because of that I have only used a disposable wipe on his bum a grand total of 3 times. I adore them and all my NCT mummy friends agree; it’s their favourite baby buy too. (£39-£45
  2. Ewan the Dream Sheep- ahhhh Ewan! Purchased on a recommendation from an NCT friend after we had used an iPad playing youtube videos of white noise to survive those first few nights! Now we wouldn’t be without him! Ewan is a fundamental part of our nighttime routine. I think it has really helped Freddie to tell the difference between day and night as we only use Ewan at nighttime. The noises keep him calm (even help send me off to sleep!) and the pink light creates a lovely glow. One thing to note: in 6 weeks we have had to change the batteries 3 times… A little too often for me considering we have only used it at night. It’s worth it though for the calm night’s sleep!
  3. Shnuggle Bath- we struggled with a standard baby bath for 6 weeks before discovering this on an amazon search. I found it really hard to hold Freddie and bath him effectively… It always felt like he wasn’t very secure and raised my stress levels completely. His first bath in this little thing was fantastic! For the first time we had no tears from him and he actually smiled as he splashed the water with his little hands. The back rest and clever bum bump keep him fully supported, leaving me hands free to wash him properly, and the max water level guide helps the water to be the perfect height (and this keeps him warmer for longer). (£19.99
  4. Kokoso Coconut Oil- this pot of goodness is completely multi-purpose. I mostly use it on Freddie’s bottom as a nappy cream at every change. We are hoping to go full time into cloth nappies when he is a bit bigger and most standard barrier creams (sudocream, Vaseline etc) interfere with the performance of reusable nappies. It smells divine, melts into his skin perfectly and has prevented any nappy rash so far. I also use it as a general moisturiser for his dry skin and have used it a couple of times to try some baby massage. Of course you can buy lots of different brands of coconut oil but this one is made by a mum especially for mums and is quite good value considering how much you get in a pot. (£7.99
  5. Liberty Sling- baby wearing was always on my baby agenda after a fellow mum friend wore her baby constantly in his first year. She showed me how easy it was and promised to help when my time came. I bought the same wrap she had as it was one of the cheaper ones around but still top on performance. I went for a black wrap (so it goes with most of my clothes!) but they have lots of lovely colours to suit every taste. It took a couple of attempts to feel confident with the tying etc but now Freddie loves being wrapped to me and we often favour this over the pram. I have used it when he is crying and within moments he is soothed and happy. He often falls asleep within minutes and it leaves me hands free to bake cakes, do the washing up or put my make up on!!! Baby wearing is the business!!!  (£24.95
  6. Babymoov Lovenest- like the shnuggle bath, this is another product I wish we had owned since birth. For the first few weeks of his life Freddie has preferred sleeping with his head to one side. This has meant he has developed a slightly flatter patch on that side of his skull. As his mummy I think it’s 1000% worse than it probably is but I wanted to be proactive about it (and at least stop it getting any worse). I found the Lovenest pillow recommended by a paediatric osteopath on a website and purchased straight away. It has an indented bit which your baby’s head sits in to reduce the pressure and prevent your baby developing flat head. I’m not sure how much it has helped/will help Freddie’s head shape but I feel it gives me a bit more piece of mind. I will be recommending that expecting friends have one from birth as it’s not that expensive but could make a real difference. (£14.99
  7. Infacol- thank you Lord for the wonder of infacol. For the first 3/4 weeks Freddie was a very cry-y little man. I could tell he was really struggling with trapped wind as he would wail after each feed and draw his little leggies up in pain. I umm-ed and ahh-ed about gjving him anything because it felt a bit too medicinal/clinical but after a fellow NCT mummy raved about how it had changed her little boy’s feeding times I thought it was worth a shot… Anything to reduce those heart-wrenching ‘mummy-I’m-in-pain’ cries! I now give him a dropper full of this before every daytime feed and it really helps him to get the burpies up much quicker and relieve the pain. He is much more content in the day because of this. (£2-£4 at most chemists/supermarkets)

I haven’t been paid/bribed/coerced into writing about any of these products… I just absolutely love them and wanted to share the love with you!!!




Alfred Josiah Fordham (Freddie)

19 Oct


Our world changed for the better on Tuesday 13th October at 12:37pm. Freddie was born in the most peaceful way (I am in awe of what our bodies can do) and we could not be happier!!!!!

He’s perfect (of course, every mother says that!) and I’m thoroughly enjoying covering him in kisses.

There is literally nothing that can prepare you for bringing a tiny life into the world… Night times are hard; we’ve all cried tears of frustration already and I feel like every new hour brings a learning curve for all of us. We are feeling our way through this new stage of life and it’s hard, wonderful, testing and joyful all at the same time.

I’m a mummy. Me. And I can’t wait to grow into the role as Freddie grows.

We love you little man. So very much. Thank you.


I did it… I graduated!

20 Sep

cheesy grins all round!

Yesterday I celebrated graduating from Goldsmiths, University of London with a First Class BA(Hons) in Media and Communication.

I never thought I’d really do it… find a subject I’d want to study, finish a whole degree, get married in the process… and I NEVER thought I’d get a first. But somehow it happened and although I’m one happy bunny that it is all over with I also look back on the last 3 years as life-changing and wonderful!

I have made some beyond incredible friends, ones I know I’ll have for life, learned a lot about myself and been blessed to work with some amazing people in the Development and Alumni team. So thank you Goldsmiths. I know we’ve had our ups and downs but we made it. And actually now I am quite sad to have to say goodbye.


Thanks for the many moments I will treasure forever.


my, my how the time flies

10 Sep

10.09.11 St Francis Church, Salisbury

One year ago to this day I was doing the above.

Marrying my best friend was the best thing I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t change a single thing. It’s not perfect but it’s us and that’s makes me happy.

What a brilliant day we had one year ago… And what a brilliant life we’ve had ever since. Here’s to the next 78 years of marriage (because we will both live to be 100, I’m sure of it…!)


the fordhams at the paralympics

9 Sep

our tickets, a happy husband and an amazing evening

Thank you in-laws. Thank you so much for giving us your Paralympic wheelchair basketball semi-final tickets. We are so grateful! After watching the Olympics take over our city I began to feel quite jealous towards anyone lucky enough to go to any event. Then along came the in-laws with tickets for us and we know longer had to watch from the sofa but got to be a part of it… and watch team GB do their amazing stuff.

The whole experience on Thursday at the North Greenwich Arena was wonderful. I’d heard that the Gamesmakers (volunteers) were exemplary but never did I imagine that they would make me feel so welcome and walk away with a huge smile on my face. The atmosphere was incredible. We got to see 2 games (both semi-finals) the first between USA and Australia and the second between GB and Canada. I’ve never seen basketball live before (let alone wheelchair basketball) and I must admit I’m not the biggest sports fan but I totally enjoyed myself, they showed these little videos to explain how the game worked and filled the spare time with ‘kiss cam’ and other wonderfully fun and silly little things.

Singing the national anthem with the other thousands of people in the arena made my evening but the highlight had to be watching these incredible athletes do their stuff. Their courage, humility and perseverance is beyond amazing. Thank you for giving us a night that I will always remember!


little life update

6 Sep

Hello lovely blog readers!! I just wanted to check in and say a little bit about what’s going on in FamilyFordham world at the moment. It’s all quite exciting and it’s what’s been keeping me very busy and very happy these last couple of weeks.

I began my new job on Monday as a teaching assistant in a lovely primary school. I do eventually want to become a class teacher but need some school experience and to settle my life down in terms of money before carrying on with further training. The first few days have been hectic and rather exhausting but brilliant at the same time! Yesterday a kid ate their wobbly tooth… That made for a very entertaining lunchtime!

Dave (aka husband!) is enjoying his new part time job as an administrator for a local church. He feels settled now and it fits in perfectly with his guitar teaching which he gets back into once the school term is in swing. It’s going to be so great to get into a life pattern, having our weekends free and making the most of our time together. Working and studying last year meant I worked 6 days a week and it never felt like I had a moment spare so this new way of living is very much welcomed!

I’ve been relishing the return of the Great British Bake Off (as you can probably see from earlier posts!) and have enjoyed pushing myself to attempt some of the technical challenges they set for contestants. I made the plaited loaf a few weeks ago and Mary Berry’s treacle tart this week! Friends and family are enjoying this new baking push!


I’ve also been enjoying some new cross stitch projects including my first commission (exciting!), a piece for our bathroom (you can see the beginnings of it in the picture above) and preparing for a crafty cross stitch Christmas.

I love having a blog on which to document my crafting and baking and life in general. Thank you to all who read and enjoy, it makes it that extra bit special!


holi holi holiday

30 Aug

Oh hi there! Sorry once again for the lack of postings over the last week. My excuse is once again camping related, I have been away with my family for the bank holiday weekend and can’t wait to tell you all about it! Also a massive HELLOand welcome to the lovely new followers, I hope you find some good stuff within this blog and feel able to comment and enjoy it.

camping montage… chilli. deflated air bed. morning snuggles with the puppy. pimped out land-rover. underage drinking. devon’s crazy roads.

Camping this bank holiday weekend with pretty much every single member of the Bridewell family was just what I needed before starting my new job full-time next Monday. One last hurrah of the summer holidays. It wasn’t without its mishaps (we seemed to be cursed around airbeds.. that’s two deflated on us within 3 weeks!) and taking 10-week old Gracie provided much laughter along with the occasional accident (thanks for peeing on Dave’s side of the bed and not mine Gracie!). We stayed at a campsite (Langston Manor) on Dartmoor in Devon where we used to go a lot when I was a child and I think there were about 17 people in our party- made for lots of excitement and funny memories.

national trust cotehele house and mill

Most of the weekend was taking up visiting national trust places. Husband and I are members (thanks to a gift membership from the in-laws) and love the fact that we can visit all these lovely historic places with amazing gardens for free. The first place we visited on a slightly soggy day was Cotehele house and mill. We enjoyed the art gallery and the beautiful garden and I enjoyed posing for photos with my gorgeous cousins!

another camping montage… my parents slept in tent on a roof. gracie being a good girl. camping fry ups are THE BEST. enjoying desserts in the campsite pub. gracie enjoying husbands pants- whatever floats your boat missy!

In between national trust visits we enjoyed the camping life. I actually really love camping food cooked on a little camping stove- I find it tastes much yummier than normal food, then again I’m normally wet, cold and very hungry by the time I eat it! The campsite has a lovely pub and games room which we enjoyed hanging out in and Gracie was making friends with everyone she met to the point that when she weed on the pub floor no one got angry at all!!

national trust buckland abbey

Our second national trust visit was to a place called Buckland Abbey. It used to be a monastery before King Henry VIII dissolved it during his reign. It was later bought by Sir Francis Drake (check out my learning skills!). I’ll remember it for the dressing up as Tudors and prancing around like loonies… it was a good morning well spent!

walking to an ancient wood with the puppy… in a bag!

After visiting Buckland Abbey the weather took a turn for the worse but that didn’t spoil our plans to visit an ancient wood on Dartmoor. Wistman’s Wood is special because it is so old yet the oak trees are not much taller than a man because the wind has prevented them from growing properly. They are covered in moss and lichen and that makes it a naturally beautiful place to visit. We had to walk about 2 miles from the car park over the moor which was going to prove difficult for little Gracie so my daddy put her in a rucksack and carried her the whole way! She was such a good girl and looked very content the whole time.

I always find camping really enjoyable (even if I end up with sleep deprivation at the end- thanks mr owl who kept me up with his twit twooing!) and with a massive group of family and friends it really makes for a great holiday! We’ve decided that August bank holiday weekend will become our annual camp out. Here’s to next year and what it will bring!


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