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wish list 004

21 Jun

clockwise from top left- amazing sun dress from topshop, liz earle cleanse and polish, mini tart tins from John Lewis, kitchenaid blender/food processor,casetagram iPhone 4 case, schwarzkopf volumizing styling powder

My wish lists are getting more and more varied each time!:

How cute is this sundress?! I want I want! I think it’s out of stock or unavailable at the moment but any dress with a cut-away panel like this one is on my to buy list. So so summery… we just need the weather for it now!

After getting a sample of this Liz Earle cleanser in one of my Latest in Beauty boxes I’ve fallen in love and it’s one of my must have products. I’ve got enough left in the sample to keep me going a little while longer but having a back up ready can’t hurt right?!

I need some of these miniature beauties asap as I have plans to make multiple types of savoury and sweet tarts. Learning how to do them properly at the Bertinet Kitchen has inspired me! I’ll be getting mine from John Lewis.

I’ve got the mixer now I want a matching food processor so I can make pastry and tapanade and whizz things all together with ease. I love the kitchenaid brand, the stuff is timeless and looks great in any kitchen.

Ok… This is going to be the next thing I buy FOR SURE! I am totally obsessed with instagram (as you may have seen from my photo book posts!) and would love to have all my favourite photos as a case. It’s such a great idea and so easy to do visit casetagram to find out more.

Finally I have issues with my hair in that all the volume sits in the middle where it poofs out and looks a bit silly. I want to try a volumising powder on the roots to see if I can get lift there instead. This schwarzkopf one is pretty reasonable in price and seems like a good place to start.



wish list 003

23 May

clockwise from top left- nars blush in orgasm, robot necklace from forever 21, asos fawn print body suit, topshop sunbeam highlighter, armani perfume idole, knitted broderie top from topshop, tan saltwater sandals

just a few things I’m in love with at the moment: pastels and perfume and a desire for saltwaters (after reading Rockstar Diaries)


wish list 002

16 May

clockwise from top left- tweezerman for benefit, bunny suit guy lego minifigure, topshop lipstick in whimsical, julia dress from topshop, real techniques stippling brush, nails inc cupcake collection, amazon kindle

2nd wish list everrrrrr. I’m sort of um-ing and ah-ing about what kind of things to include on these wish lists… I’m not sure whether to keep them quite limited (i.e. beauty, fashion etc.) or to include everything that I’m pining for right now, inclusive of the slightly daft things. This post has got a bit of both; I guess because I am who I am and I like what I like. I’ll go forward with that ethos from now one, but that comes with a warning. There will be randomness!

So with that little disclaimer, here’s my wants and loves:

Tweezers are my nemesis. I need them (thanks bushy eyebrows!) so I buy them and then I either discover that they are totally useless or if I do find one pair I like I usually lose them within the space of a week. With that in mind I wish to try out a new thoery. Maybe if I buy ridiculous expensive ones (I mean £22.50..come on!) I might have more of an incentive to keep them safe and they might actually do their job properly. This tweezerman pair from Benefit come with a hefty price tag but look adorable and might just be worth buying to test drive my theory! John Lewis currently have them in stock.

The husband and I collect lego minifigures. We are not ashamed. I have abosolutely no idea how it started and can’t quite believe we now have 17 of them lining a shelf in our kitchen but somehow it has happened and now I’m ever so slightly addicted! I think it’s the thrill of not knowing which one you will get. Series 7 has just been released and my favourite has to be the bunny-suit guy, I will go far to find him and have saved him a space on the shelf. (wow… we are weird!)

I need to get some lipstick and I need the perfect peachy pink shade. Whimsical from Topshop may just be the answer. I haven’t actually tried any Topshop make-up myself yet but I have read some great reviews on various blogs and it seems to be good quality for how much you pay. At £8 I think I might have to give this a go and hope that it is worthy of my first proper lipstick purchase!

This Julia Dress by Jones and Jones for Topshop caught my eye whilst browsing the site the other day. I’m tragically bad and picky when shopping on the internet and so it surprises me when I find something I like! This dress is stunning, it’s got pastel shades, sequins and pleats! Need an occasion that justifies buying it now!!!

I’ve always applied liquid foundation with my fingertips up until very recently. I purchased Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow a few weeks ago and bought a cheapy foundation brush to use with it because I do know that fingertips aren’t the best method of application but this Real Techniques stippling brush is the one I really want. I seen some great reviews and other bloggers are raving about it. I think I’ll wait a while and see how I get on with the Benefit HFOW before purchasing one of these from Boots.

Gosh this nails inc collection is a dream!!! QVC always have great little sets that you can’t get elsewhere and this cupcake one has to be the best I’ve seen so far. I love the name (they really are cupcake icing colours- makes me think especially of the Hummingbird Bakery!) and the shades are perfect for summer. I’ve already got Haymarket and colours really similar to the yellow (Notting Hill Carnival) and peach (Wellington Square) so that’s the main reason I won’t be purchasing this set just yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t pop it on my wish list and suggest that other people get their hands on it!

A kindle has been on my little wish list in my head for a while now. I keep having little debates with myself as to whether it’s actually worth it as I read a lot of Agatha Christie books and other detective novels that can be picked up for a pretty cheap price from second hand book shops… But then I look at how brilliant it would be to have all my books on a little device that I could carry with me on commutes etc. I’m semi hoping that someone will buy me one of these without me asking because then I don’t have to make the decision myself. I’m so silly!

What are you wanting this week? And any of these things take your fancy?


wish list 001

30 Apr

clockwise from top left- baby pink pantone mug, caudalie beauty elixir, cross-stitch iPhone case, beautiful garden furniture, essie nail polish in ladylike, ‘barella’ leather birkin style handbag

Oooohhh a slight pink-y tinge to the first ever wish list- which is bizarre because I’m not sure I really like pink as a colour!

Anyway… here’s what I’m loving and wanting right now:

We already have 9 of these Pantone mugs in a variety of colours hanging out in our kitchen at present but what’s the harm in having one more? And our little collection hasn’t got any pink shades in it at the moment. I usually get my Pantone mugs from either John Lewis or Amazon. This pink one is available here for £9.50.

Read a post on Caudalie Bauty Elixer on gh0stparties, one of my favourite beauty blogs, and was instantly intrigued. It sounds like a brilliant toner, something that I’m missing from my newly founded skincare routine (I was a face-wipe-before-bed-only girl until last week). Hoping this will be my first purchase from feelunique and I will report back once I have indulged!

Oh.My.Days. This is a must-have for me! I’ve already started coming up with designs and patterns. I might have to buy a few so I can change them round every so often! What an amazing way to customise your iPhone and satisfy your crafting bug at the same time. I’ve seen some cheapy ones on eBay but may save up to buy the NeoStitch version from firebox for £15.99, just to assure the best quality.

This is actually a bit of an unrealistic wish as we kind of need a garden before I could justify a purchase of this sort. But how adorable is this garden bistro set?! Imagine on a summers morning, sun gently rising, birds singing, sitting outside in the cool breeze drinking orange juice and tea and eating croissants and fresh fruit on this beautiful table. Oh dreams! This set is from a website I recently discovered called notonthehighstreet, it’s great for quirky presents and something a little bit different. There’s all sorts of amazing stuff on there!!

This colour of essie nail polish is so yummy! It’s weirdly neutral yet stands out at the same time. Been trying to find somewhere to buy it online but everywhere seems to be sold out at the moment. If anyone sees it let me know; I’d be on it like sonic.

Another notonthehighstreet find, I’ve been in need of a new shoulder bag for ages. I want one that will go with lots of outfits and last me a long time. I’m fed up of bags breaking on me! At £342.99 this is just a weeny bit out of my price range (sorry… astronomically out of my price range!) so this is more of a dream than anything but wanted to mention it as a totally beautiful bag!

Anything on this list take your fancy?


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