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Oh the places you’ll go….

6 Sep

It’s been 3 years since my last blog post on this site. Talk about a blogging break!

What’s changed in the world of familyfordham?! Let’s see if I can keep this brief…:

  • I decided to take the leap and started a PGCE in Primary Education at Winchester University
  • In that year hubby got a new job working for a church and that enabled us to move from our attic flat in London to a 2-bed terrace in Salisbury
  • I started my NQT year as a Year 3 teacher
  • We got a cat- Maisy- the most spoilt cat in existence (not by me… Who knew hubby was such a cat person!)
  • We found out in February this year that we were going to have a baby!!!! (Due October and cooking rather nicely!)
  • I finished my NQT year
  • Now we are waiting for baby Fordham to make his/her entrance and marvelling generally at how much can change in 3 years!

And what’s stayed the same:

  • Hubby still plays and teaches guitar and has a booming private tuition business which I am super proud of
  • I am still baking, cross-stitching and generally enjoying the simpler things in life… instagramming the whole thing as per usual
  • We love each other just like we did back then only with nearly 4 years of marriage and adventure behind us and even more adventure to come!

I’m hoping this blog will continue to be a place to preserve the memories of our (ever-growing!) familyfordham and I hope you enjoy reading about our little corner of the world again.


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little life update

6 Sep

Hello lovely blog readers!! I just wanted to check in and say a little bit about what’s going on in FamilyFordham world at the moment. It’s all quite exciting and it’s what’s been keeping me very busy and very happy these last couple of weeks.

I began my new job on Monday as a teaching assistant in a lovely primary school. I do eventually want to become a class teacher but need some school experience and to settle my life down in terms of money before carrying on with further training. The first few days have been hectic and rather exhausting but brilliant at the same time! Yesterday a kid ate their wobbly tooth… That made for a very entertaining lunchtime!

Dave (aka husband!) is enjoying his new part time job as an administrator for a local church. He feels settled now and it fits in perfectly with his guitar teaching which he gets back into once the school term is in swing. It’s going to be so great to get into a life pattern, having our weekends free and making the most of our time together. Working and studying last year meant I worked 6 days a week and it never felt like I had a moment spare so this new way of living is very much welcomed!

I’ve been relishing the return of the Great British Bake Off (as you can probably see from earlier posts!) and have enjoyed pushing myself to attempt some of the technical challenges they set for contestants. I made the plaited loaf a few weeks ago and Mary Berry’s treacle tart this week! Friends and family are enjoying this new baking push!


I’ve also been enjoying some new cross stitch projects including my first commission (exciting!), a piece for our bathroom (you can see the beginnings of it in the picture above) and preparing for a crafty cross stitch Christmas.

I love having a blog on which to document my crafting and baking and life in general. Thank you to all who read and enjoy, it makes it that extra bit special!


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